What's important to Anatwine?

Meet our Values Champions

After six years of establishing ourselves as a market leading integrator, working with some of the biggest brands and retailers in the world, Anatwine had a bit of a makeover, including a new logo and a brand new website! As a part of this rebrand, our team thought it was important to reflect on our company Values, considering how much they embodied us as a business, and what we want Anatwine to look like moving forward. As part of a company wide project, our Values Champions emerged, collaborating in a series of workshops to define the future of Anatwine, establishing what was important to us, and how we could shape our future.

Why are Values so important?

One of our Values Champions is Miriam, our HR Lead. An integral part of the team, Miriam brought useful research and insights about the importance of Values, and helped to shape and direct the conversations & workshops: “The reason that values are so important is that they affect the whole environment of your place of work. It is really important to make them relevant and relatable, as well as ensuring that they keep people accountable for their behaviour as individuals and as a team.”

Who are the Values Champions?

Six of the Anatwine team from different departments (Miriam, Anthony, Ben, Greg, Lev and Atul) volunteered to be Values Champions, working to develop the ideas themselves and taking responsibility for educating the rest of Anatwine and embodying everything that the Values stood for moving forwards. They also enlisted some help with wording and design from Chloe, Shelley and Yann, to make sure the Values looked as good as they possibly could!

Why these Values?

The Values Champions met once a week over the course of a few months and discussed their ideas and visions for the future of Anatwine. By addressing where the existing values didn’t align with their vision, and imagining the future that they wanted to see, all six of our Champions were able to create values which made sense to them, painting a picture of an Anatwine that they wanted to be a part of.

As a technology company, we are constantly developing our ways of working and conceiving new ideas, but innovation relates to everything we do, whether it relates to technology or otherwise. We always support each other to develop and grow, challenging the status quo and creating fresh ideas.

We struggled with choosing an icon for this one, as we really wanted something more creative than the tried and tested ‘lightbulb’ symbol. In the end, Anthony asked his kids what they thought represented innovation and his ten year old daughter drew a felt tip outline of a rocket coming out of a box which was just perfect (thanks, Lottie!). We passed it to Chloe who did all of the design work and she created the icon we have now which we all love.

Quality is important for Anatwine as we work incredibly closely with our clients to deliver the best solutions we can. Keeping our clients in mind in all of our decisions, and ensuring we focus on holistic, useful products is crucial to our success. Some of our clients are the biggest brands in the world, so their standards are incredibly high and we always ensure that we deliver. Beyond that, quality for us is about taking responsibility for your work and focusing on self-improvement, aiming to be the best you can be.

A big part of engagement as a value is respect: for yourself, for your colleagues, and for the whole Anatwine ecosystem. It seems like such a small thing, but the difference it makes when somebody says please and thank you is huge. If everybody is focused on the same goal of making Anatwine a nice place to work and we all participate, the atmosphere becomes so much more positive and productive.

We wanted to include teamwork as a reminder that everybody in the business is working towards a common goal, even though people have really different roles and responsibilities. All of our individual teams work collaboratively on their projects, but we want a reminder for everyone at Anatwine that we are one big team, whatever our role.

How did you ensure that everyone was bought in?

We initially presented the values to the senior leadership team for a temperature check, and they absolutely loved them! The response was so positive that we couldn’t wait to roll them out to everybody else, which we did in line with our summer BBQ.

The Values have become a huge part of life at Anatwine, and we always make sure that people coming into the business embody our Values; we definitely factor them into our recruitment process now to be confident of a culture fit when people are joining the team.

We want to work in the sort of environment where we all feel like we can learn and develop, as well as helping our colleagues to grow. Our values embody this and the workplace we want to create; because they are designed by our team, for our team, they are embraced by everyone and that is what has been so successful about the whole project.