Meet the CatMan Team

As part of Anatwine’s rebrand, we caught up with some of the CatMan Team to find out a little more about exactly what they do and what it’s like to work with them.

Firstly, what on earth is CatMan?

CatMan is short for Catalogue Management, so as a team we deal with any changes or additions to product catalogues, which is how brands send the data for products they sell via retailers.

For example, if adidas want to sell new trainers on Zalando, we take adidas’ product data, map and transform it to Zalando’s standards, and ensure everything is communicated smoothly between brand and retailer.

Tell me more about your jobs

The day to day involves a lot of talking to brands via video calls and conference calls, responding to requests or discussing any issues with data.

It is our job to deal with any data issues or required improvements, so we are in near constant contact with our clients. Seasonal changes are a really busy time for us too, and we’re about to move into the winter product launches, so the next few weeks will be really busy with brands onboarding their new winter collections.

Another thing we manage is where brands or retailers have strategy changes. For example, one of our major retailers is currently really focused on sustainability, and promoting the exposure of products which are sustainable. This means we need to evaluate existing maps and make amendments to facilitate their new strategy.

A huge part of CatMan’s role is to proactively identify potential issues, find solutions before they arise, and identify general areas for improvement. It can be quite a creative role from this perspective, and you never stop learning.

What’s it like to work in the team?

There’s a huge mix of people on the team, from graduates to years of database management. We see a lot of movement within the business from CatMan as it’s a really great way to learn the business inside out; our jobs touch almost every department on a regular basis so people end up learning about other teams and often move into other roles within Anatwine.

It’s a really fun team and we all get on really well. Everyone helps each other out if there are issues we are struggling with or we just need some fresh eyes on a problem! We are only a small team, but the nature of CatMan means we have loads of interaction within the wider department and the business as a whole. Because people have moved from CatMan into other teams, there is a good understanding of our processes and any issues we can face throughout the business which is really useful when we need to collaborate on projects.

What’s the best thing about your job?

I think we would all agree that talking to global brands and visiting their offices is a pretty cool part of the job. Visiting the Zalando Head Office and understanding how our involvement helps global brands and retailers is really fulfilling.

You also end up being a bit of a product nerd - especially with trainers. A lot of our team have pretty large shoe collections!

It’s also really great when you give a brand constructive feedback on errors or efficiency and they act on it; it’s great to advise a company on how they could improve and see the difference it makes when they make that change.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve done?

Jay: I’ve met some pretty huge brands and retailers recently, which has been amazing; advising clients of that size on how to work with us is a great experience.

Richard: Meeting really interesting people from all sorts of backgrounds (a lot of our clients are based in mainland Europe as well as globally). We have some really, really lovely clients and having a solid working relationship with them makes getting things done so much easier.

Anything else people should know about working here/working on your team?

You’ve got to be pretty tech-y, but you really need to be sociable too. We interact with clients a lot so people skills are really important.

It would definitely help if you have an interest in fashion since we spend all day working with product catalogues and brands respond well when you take an interest and know things about their brand and product launches.

You definitely have to be willing to constantly listen and learn; we have to be adaptable and flexible since the role is always evolving through new ideas and new technology, internally and externally!

To find out more about working with Anatwine, please see our Careers page.