Anatwine’s Delivery Team: an overview with Greg and Matt.

Greg started his career at Anatwine as an Integration Engineer before moving into his current role as a Solution Architect.

Matt is an Integration Engineer.

What do you do in your roles?

Greg: As a Solution Architect, I mainly liaise with brands and retailers to integrate them into the Anatwine platform, which involves learning about a client’s systems and understanding how their architecture will integrate with our offering. Sometimes these are brand new relationships, while others are expansions from existing clients onto new channels.

Matt: Integration Engineers are responsible for owning the integration process from start to finish once clients have committed to Anatwine.

Your roles are quite different; where does your involvement in a project start and end?

Greg: For me, it starts before it’s a project; I support sales team in their initial conversations with a client, then I take part in the discovery phases and I’m involved right through until go live.

Matt: Once the client has come on board with documentation agreed and contracts signed, Integration Engineers get involved. I take care of the structure and integrity of their feeds and setting up the end point and core configuration, as well as mapping data.

What’s interesting about your job?

Greg: Holding workshops with our clients is always interesting; we work with some really varied brands, including some of the most global names in sportswear, so it’s great learning about their processes and finding solutions to work with them.

Matt: I agree that finding solutions for clients is one of the most interesting things I work on, especially when it comes to custom integrations; there is a lot of delving involved and it allows you to be really creative with ideas.

Tell me about the best project you’ve worked on.

Greg: I worked with a client recently to expand their connection with Zalando. It was the first project I worked on using a new fulfilment method so I was involved in a lot of extra aspects of an integration that I wouldn’t usually be, including learning more about localised carriers and even label printing! There were about six different parties to coordinate at any given moment so it was complex, but I learned a lot and it was really rewarding when it all worked.

Matt: We are currently developing a few things within Anatwine which will see different ways of working with us, and being involved in the process and seeing how they will impact on clients for even faster onboarding is really interesting.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Greg: Whenever a project goes live! I recently conducted my first solo retailer workshop too and it went really well; the client gave really positive feedback which is always nice to hear!

Matt: I agree with Greg: whenever a complex integrations crosses the finish line - especially where we’ve had to overcome challenges along the way to make everything work smoothly.

What is the delivery team like to work in?

Matt: Delivery is made up of three arms: Project Managers, Solution Architects, and Integration Engineers. One of each makes up a Project Team, so it’s a pretty collaborative environment.

Greg: It’s a great team to work on because there is a lot of varied experience among us all. Some of us have been here a while and really understand the business and best practice, and others bring really useful experience from their backgrounds in other companies. A few of us have moved within Anatwine too, so that’s always helpful to get a wider understanding of the business.

Is there any advice you would give to somebody joining your team?

Greg: We work with some major brands and retailers, so you need to be comfortable with advising clients of that scale. You need to be confident enough to sit in front of a room full of people and present too. Good communication and problem solving skills are key, I think.

Matt: I’d say it’s definitely one for self-starters, too. You need to be willing to constantly learn new things and adapt your way of thinking on a project by project basis.

Greg: There’s always a lot of change; it’s important to be open minded and happy to find solutions where problems arise.

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