Anatwine Sees Huge Successes Since Pairing With Online Retailer

Since Anatwine paired with German online retailer Zalando, $12 million has been raised back to our technological innovation in the online fashion, apparel and sportswear environment. In 2015, Zalando acquired 20% of Anatwine, and we have provided customised software to help the online fashion retailer by integrating their process, systems and stock files with retailers they source products from. This meant that their sales and efficiency were maximised. Whilst we have provided these integration services, we will continue to operate independently alongside Zalando. Furthermore, Zalando has increased its minority shareholding with Anatwine after seeing excellent results from the initial pairing with with. Since investment took place, Anatwine have seen fantastic results in annual like for like revenue with a growth of 421%. There is also the current growth of a 44% month on month increase in sales. Zalando is looking at rebuilding their merchant center, so that ourselves and other partners are able to connect to the Merchant Center API directly, and use the Merchant Center frontend in order to upload articles and receive orders manually. These new elements will help save time and maximise efficiency when it comes to communicating with Zalando, as well as ensuring better usability of the platform. To stay up-to-date, you can follow Anatwine on Twitter or LinkedIn.