5 Reasons Why Anatwine Was Founded

The new retail technology venture, Anatwine, was founded after Chris Griffin saw a clear gap in the market when it came to online retailers connecting their systems to suppliers - as well as a chance to improve overall customer experience. Here are five reasons as to why Anatwine was founded.

The current online retailer model is flawed.

Over the last decade, the retail fashion business has had a major makeover, and has clearly been going from strength to strength. However, every retailer and brand accepts that the current wholesale model is flawed and needs improving. Creating and managing the right stock levels for a business is crucial for both businesses and customers but with so much choice across multiple brands it is increasingly difficult to create the perfect stock mix from multiple brands.

Neither the retailer or brand was getting a good deal.

Anatwine was founded because neither retailer or brand was getting a good deal when it comes to the brand and retailer process. This is because there is no simplistic way for brands to ensure that their top products are aligned with the right retailers. This means that - by default - the customer offer is fundamentally limited, while retailers are suffering financial losses as they are trying to shift excess stock that they no longer need.

We wanted a system that connects brand and retailers in real-time.

Because neither brand, retailer or customer was getting a good deal when it came to the online shopping experience, we wanted to create the largest global network for fashion retailers and brands by connecting their business systems in real time through a single integration. This, therefore, eliminated the inefficiencies found in the current wholesale only model, enabling the retailer to present the perfect stock mix and ensuring consistency across every customer touch point; from something as simple as imagery, to delivery and returns, to creating a consistent and guaranteed customer experience irrespective of whether an order is fulfilled from a retailer’s or brand’s warehouse.

The Retail Technology Landscape is changing

The current retail landscape of technology is full of exciting, innovative businesses that have excellent ideas. These innovations are empowering retailers to make changes and create a much more efficient workspace. Retailers are calling out for functionality that pushes the basic boundaries that was once available, so that they can make smarter decisions. The online retail space has seen a clear evolution over the last few years - it is exciting to see the transformation of multiple processes, which in turn creates a positive difference in the overall industry.

We wanted to deliver a more personalised experience to every customer.

Because of the challenges that retailers and brands are faced with when it comes to managing stock, it is becoming more difficult to create the perfect stock file for the customer. Furthermore, with every site moving towards ever increasing personalisation, it is challenging for retailers to curate items months in advance in order to fulfill the customers need to see the best products from multiple brands. However, creating the perfect stock mix is imperative. Experiences that are put together months in advance, and that are highly subjective will dissolution the customer. Retailers and merchandisers need the tools to better manage and enhance their stock files in a live environment, so that they are able deliver a more relevant and personalised journey to every customer. To keep updated with Anatwine’s progress and partnership, connect with us on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter.