3 Ways the Retail Industry Has Changed Since the Introduction of Anatwine

Anatwine is a leading retail technology company who specialise in the fashion industry. In today’s omni-channel environment, it is important to look at the ways in which the globe’s dominant retailers are approaching online retail. The majority of retailers know how to integrate their offline and online businesses, and now know how to translate their brand’s values in their online platform. However, knowing how to connect retailers to brands in order to create a seamlessly effortless experience for the customer is where it can get challenging. We  provide real time data and an integrated sales and fulfillment system to connect fashion suppliers and multi-brand retailers. From the delivery perspective, once an order is placed the product is dispatched directly from the manufacturer, with all the associated data passing between the parties, allowing the retailer to react to the shifting patterns of demand instantly. As soon as a retailer comes on board, we will create a customer experience that is identical to the experience offered by the brand. This imitation extends from the look to the user experience of this brand, to the process of delivery and customer service. Here are three ways the retail industry has changed since the introduction of Anatwine.

Anatwine has reinforced the importance of brand values

Anatwine’s business model is based on the belief that the key factor differentiating one retailer from another is their brand values. Whilst their physical presence, logistics and networks do go into it, it is important to understand that these brand values can be mimicked by a third party, therefore streamlining the buying and selling process, in turn making it more profitable.

This new retail technology falls on enablement and disruption

As Anatwine helps both brands and retailers benefit from each other by becoming the third party fulfilment in this omni-process, it enables retailers to adapt to the new technologies out there, and develop their customer experience. They can create a more personalised and efficient customer experience that will help ecommerce conversions and customer loyalty, whilst remaining competitive. However, while this is enabling retail’s core business model, as there is very little that they are doing differently when it comes to selling products at a markup, it is disrupting the traditional tactics of online retail, as it asks for change.

Our portfolio of evidence shows a clear change

Since becoming established we have seen a year on year growth of over 400%, and we have offices in London, New York and Cheltenham and employ over 130 people. Our board of members has expanded considerably, with the headcount including Chairman Robert Willett, former CEO Best Buy International and global managing partner, Accenture Retail Practice; Sir Terry Leahy, former CEO Tesco; David Schneider, CEO Zalando; Jon Wragg, Sales & Marketing Director, Superdry; and top retail analysts Bill Currie and Iain McDonald. Alongside this, our list of retail partners include House of Fraser, Zalando (an investor) and Marks and Spencer, while brands and suppliers include Adidas, Reebok and Superdry. To stay up-to-date, you can follow Anatwine on Twitter or LinkedIn.