Building straightforward connections to fashion brands

Anatwine's unique mapping system allows our retailers to seamlessly connect with every one of our brands. We map and transform brand data into retailer requirements, whatever they look like, to ensure meaningful connections.

Because we take care of the hard work for brands, our retailers can be confident of a seamless connection to every part of the Anatwine network. Our uniquely configurable mapping system creates accurate connections, and from the second we start working together, our programme managers ensure that all parties are in the best position possible to maximise their potential, and their profits.

Our technology is ever evolving as we develop cutting edge solutions to keep ahead of the curve in the rapidly growing eCommerce industry, meaning we future proof your relationships and keep you relevant and thriving.



Enhanced Mapping Engine

Anatwine ensures that all retailer attributes are known to the brands as part of our mapping and transformation process. We pay attention to your specific requirements and ensure all brand data complies with these, speeding up onboarding time and reducing errors to maximise your sales opportunities.


Limitless Connections

One connection is all it takes to access all of Anatwine's brands. Once we understand a retailer's requirements, we can map and transform any one of our brands to fit your attributes and rapidly onboard them to maximise your reach and profitability.


Retailer Specific Feed Processing

Anatwine supports retailers who wish to hold brand stock in their own warehouse by requesting daily full stock feeds to give a clear picture of stock levels. This ensures that both brands and retailers are aware when stock needs replenishing, optimising efficiency.


Intelligent Stock Insights

Anatwine takes all available brand data from every relevant stock location and provide a consolidated view of available stock to retailers, giving you the most accurate picture possible. We also apply relevant stock caps and buffers to prevent oversell and avoid disappointing your consumers.


Expert Knowledge

We work with retailers of all shapes and sizes, from online stores of high street shops to brand new marketplaces, and we bring our wide ranging knowledge and experience to each client with a consultative and flexible approach to their needs.


Actionable Reporting

Between Anatwine's self-service Portal and Client Management function, our Retailers have access to actionable insights and reports to help them continuously improve their offerings and maximise their profitability.