The Anatwine Advantage

For Brands

The Idea

Anatwine was born out of this brilliantly simple thought:

What if brands and online retailers could integrate their business processes, systems and stock files to eliminate inefficiencies and maximize sales?

The Anatwine Advantage for Brands

Anatwine revolutionises the way brands work with online retailers, bringing an end to wasteful double-handling, inaccuracies in the buying process and limitations of a retailer's warehouse capacity which leaves retailers with only a limited amount of a brands best selling products.

Anatwine allows brands to systematically expand the breadth, depth and relevance of product a retailer can sell, allowing them to have the perfect stock mix for the customer.

Using Anatwine provides:

  • a live environment where stock can be merchandised according to current trends to maximize sales instantly
  • Growing a brands business across multiple global regions showing a range of product to customers that better represents the brand
  • Increased range of products available to retailers
  • Increased brand image and profile
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Increased sales
  • Increased profit

All this is achieved with a single integration that scales across multiple retailers.

While protecting and enhancing your brand globally.

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