Ted Baker invests in international expansion after profits surge

Designer clothing brand, Ted Baker, will invest £45 million into expansion around the world, it has been reported. With sales in UK stores up almost 9% and growing success in America, the brand has set its sights on Europe, where it plans to open more stores in France, Spain and Germany. International expansion is of course a key strategy for the majority of leading UK fashion brands, and it’s encouraging to see Ted Baker achieving such great results. With Anatwine, even more brands could be experiencing similar success by utilising the evolution in global logistics that has made both national and international product distribution more accessible; they could become part of a real-time network of retailers that supplements the traditional wholesale model. By enabling the retailer to extend the range on offer without the need to invest in additional stock up front, a brand has the chance to make a significant noise in a new market from the outset, while also offering a large subset of the overall range. Furthermore, access to real-time sales information across the entire retail network enables the brand to continually refine the offer to reflect the expectations of this new customer group. The retailers, on the other hand, benefit from direct access to each brand’s stock, underpinned by a standardised and guaranteed customer experience. With the evolution in global logistics, exciting opportunities are opening up for brands to gain access to top retailers in each geography and demographic. Hopefully we will be seeing many more UK brands successfully expanding overseas in the near future! Read how brands can expand internationally with Anatwine here. Read the article on Evening Standard here.