Technology as fast as fashion

Recent news around Boohoo hiring technology entrepreneur Sara Murray, has gotten me thinking about fashion retailers and how much of a role technology plays in their business. The new appointment of Sara clearly shows that Boohoo is looking around at the digital world and realising that to get ahead you must be more than just a retailer, you must embrace the technological innovations available. With a background in growing and nurturing very successful tech companies, her expertise in fashion comes second to this. The approach may seem odd, but actually it is very clever and is clearly paying off for Boohoo with their sales increasing 40% year-on-year. And it doesn’t stop with Boohoo; Zalando has also quoted themselves as being the world’s most fashionable technology company, with dedicated teams building and adapting their online fashion empire. Technology is now underpinning every vertical and the fashion industry is no different. As a technology company ourselves, I think it is truly empowering to see other organisations stepping away from the day-to-day to see how technical innovations can not only help them run their business more efficiently and further enhance the customer experience, but also how they can help them to increase revenues and market share. At Anatwine, we are living and breathing this technology race with our platform that integrates every aspect of a brand’s and retailer’s operations to mitigate the constraints of the traditional wholesale model. We complement this with an innovative retail environment based upon delivering the perfect stock mix to the retailer’s customer, all the time. And those that are embracing it are the tech savvy, forward thinking, and successful online brands. Don’t get me wrong, taking the leap can be daunting for many. But the time for technology is now, and it is moving about as fast as fashion. So, I think the question to many brands and retailers is, if you aren’t using it, why not?