Removing the risk of going global

The ultimate accolade for most brands and retailers is the global stamp of approval, but we all know that branching out into a new market comes with an element of risk; not to mention the business worry of additional overheads. But when executed correctly, going global can be a huge success for brands and retailers alike; so why the hesitance? Most retailers will usually stick to brands they know and trust, as this is deemed the safer option. A new brand means a new realm of worry, what if they start stocking a new brand and it doesn’t sell? What if the new brand doesn’t fit the customer profile? What if they end up with lots of leftover stock? But remove the risk element and the implications are extraordinary – for retailer, brand and customer. With no budget or warehouse constraints, a retailer can radically expand the range available from a brand and use real time analytics – such as the brand’s top 100 selling products – to refine, expand or reduce the range at will. The brand can ensure the leading retailers in new geographies are selling its products – and customers can be provided with new products and brand names, reinforcing both brand value and customer experience. Simple. So what are the benefits for the brand? For brands it means they can penetrate new markets without the overheads. There is no need to set up a local warehouse, office or have a local resource team – everything can be done from HQ. Brands can also harness the expertise and sales infrastructure of some of the biggest retailers in the chosen country without any of the risks. And the benefits for the retailer? Retailers have two main priorities, increase conversion and revenue and ensure the customer has an excellent experience. Anatwine can offer the ability to maximise on both of these things. The benefits for the retailer are simple, they can put new brands on their website without commitment and if it doesn’t sell they can remove it as quickly as they added it, with no impact to the business. Anatwine also allows the brand to fulfil orders placed on the retailer’s website while ensuring consistent customer experience in line with the retailer’s own specific SLA’s By taking away traditional risks and constraints, both retailer and brand can leverage new opportunities in a more innovative way. They don’t have to stick to budgets and they don’t have to stick to what they know; they can take become entrepreneurs in a global environment. For more information on the Anatwine proposition and how it can help your business click here.