A day in the life of: Ben Elliott, Anatwine Account Manager

Life at Anatwine is always fast paced: with so much changing within the business and the constant onboarding of new clients, we take a closer look at what life looks like for our Account Manager, Ben, as he jets around Europe meeting clients and unveiling our new branding.

Hi Ben! Where in the world are you right now?

Hi! Right now I am in Amsterdam, with a pretty full timetable of client meetings. A lot of our clients’ offices are based here so I can cover a lot of ground in a single trip. This week I’m meeting seven clients over three days, to discuss the potential for expanding each client’s product range and retailer connections.

I’m also hosting a training session for a newly connected brand, covering usage of the Anatwine Portal, as well as “best practice” for getting the channel trading effectively.
I’ve been introducing brands to our new branding and new structure, and explaining our new approach to integration to brands who have been with us longer term.

It should be a good trip, with a train journey from Amsterdam to Duiven meaning I can take in some scenery!

Tell us a little more about your job; what does an average day look like?

I’m quite new to Account Management, so at present my emphasis is on the operational side of things which is where my strengths lie.

An average day for me will be a fair few video calls - I am pretty much always on camera as I find faces are important as well as voices and emails. I support operational issues for a brand, such as launching new season products, and help them to define which product categories to focus their efforts on.

I also join group calls to ensure efficient onboarding between the brand and our Catalogue Management team; speak with retailers to ensure we are maximising sales potential on their platform; suggest new brand connections/make relevant introductions; discuss new sales territories for brands and retailers; and work with our internal development teams to learn how I can maximise new features for brand use.

Where there is a need for face-to-face meetings in Europe, I’ll try and plan for multiple meetings and get as much benefit out of my travel time as possible!

How long have you been at Anatwine?

I joined Anatwine three and a half years ago as a manual software tester, but knew I wanted to work in a more client facing role. I became integral in the development of our Catalogue Management Team as team leader, and after two years in that role my knowledge of - and relationships with - our clients led to the natural move across into account management.

What are the best bits of your job?

The travel is necessary to building relationships, and is also a great perk. I spend a lot of my travel time in Berlin and Amsterdam which are both amazing cities, and where the majority of my key contacts are based.

Seeing the headquarters of global brands is always cool as it gives you the insight into their whole culture. Some of them are truly amazing, with branded sofas, amazing on-brand decor, basketball courts, and even Instagram walls in the offices.

My strength is explaining complex processes in a straightforward way, which is key to my role; at any point in a client meeting you may have a systems architect, a software developer, a merchandiser, and a finance analyst. Getting a consistent message across to a room of totally different disciplines and having them collectively understand is massively rewarding. Knowing that your day job has opened up an opportunity for a market-leading brand is amazing.

Visiting adidas’ office

It seems like you’ve been to some pretty impressive offices, meeting our clients; are there any in particular that stand out?

The first time I visited Zalando and saw the scale of their photo studio and onboarding divisions it was a game changer for the way I approached the CatMan team’s work; seeing that operational changes we made could greatly assist a company of that size was very motivating.

Building-wise the new Asics office in Amsterdam is amazing, and Under Armour are still completing their new Amsterdam HQ which gets better every time I visit. Zalando have just built an incredible new headquarters in Berlin which I haven’t visited yet.

Speaking personally, I’ve been a longtime adidas fan and sneaker collector, and now get to work with them as their Anatwine account manager, so any time I get to visit adidas HQ in Amsterdam it’s a spiritual homecoming for me.

What’s been your stand out moment at Anatwine?

Moving into Account Management was a direction that I always wanted to go personally, but I would not have been able to without my time invested in Anatwine, and without Anatwine seeing value in me and supporting my career development.

That said, taking the role as Catalogue Management Team Lead when I was the only member of the team will always be a great memory. Starting that team, proving it worked, and then building it up to eight people was a huge personal achievement.

Hotdesking at Hunkemoller

What would you be doing if you weren’t an Account Manager at Anatwine?

If I hadn’t have joined Anatwine I’d probably still be a software tester, and I’d still be collecting sneakers and spending my spare time and money on clothing. That’s certainly no bad thing, but being able to combine my interest in fashion with my day job and working with some of my personal favourite brands is something I probably would only have achieved at Anatwine.

Also, the company discount helps my sneaker collection, although my wife would tell you something different!

Where are you off to next?

Next stop is Berlin, to undertake a refresher of how I can help our connected brands interact with Zalando and get the most out of their integration to the Zalando platform. Of course, that will mean a visit to the amazing new Zalando Headquarters…

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