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Perfect Stock Mix, Always – Achieving Online Fashion Retail Nirvana

The retail fashion business may have had a major make-over in the past decade but every retailer and every brand accepts the current wholesale model is flawed. Buying in advance and limited to a small subset of a brand’s range, even with the use of increasingly sophisticated analytics in this fickle fashion market it is generally accepted that buying decisions rarely align with all the brand’s most successful products. The truth is that no one is getting a good deal. In a market increasingly dominated by the quality of the overall customer experience, from personalisation to delivery, no retailer wants to risk losing control over the supply chain;…

Removing the risk of going global

The ultimate accolade for most brands and retailers is the global stamp of approval, but we all know that branching out into a new market comes with an element of risk; not to mention the business worry of additional overheads. But when executed correctly, going global can be a huge success for brands and retailers alike; so why the hesitance? Most retailers will usually stick to brands they know and trust, as this is deemed the safer option. A new brand means a new realm of worry, what if they start stocking a new brand and it doesn’t sell? What if the new brand doesn’t fit the…

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