Empowering eCommerce champions

Anatwine was founded in 2013 due to one brand’s desire to merchandise on multiple retailers, quickly and easily.

eCommerce was evolving rapidly, and the gaps between brand and retailer systems grew ever further apart, sometimes making it impossible to work together, with important partnerships lost.

Anatwine changed the game by recognising that this didn’t need to be the case, identifying a growing need to build complex connections between retailers and brands. We grew rapidly into a collaborative and transformative brand and retailer digital hub, doing the hard work for our brands so they can focus on growth.


Anatwine today

Our forward thinking approach did not go unnoticed, and in 2015 we partnered with European fashion and retail giants, Zalando, whose start-up mentality has encouraged Anatwine to continue to develop new technologies and challenge the status quo, keeping us at the top of our game.

Six years on from our initial launch, Anatwine has expanded from that one local client to championing leading brands the world over, connecting them seamlessly with the biggest global retailers, ensuring that our brands have everything they need to succeed in a highly competitive market.

The future of online retail

Anatwine is the future of online retail. The last six years have seen rapid developments in eCommerce, and our commitment to innovation means that we continue to thrive, with an enhanced and ever evolving service offering providing our clients with cutting edge ways to develop their networks and their brands.