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The Anatwine Advantage


Integrating brands products onto the website of leading online retailers

Customer Experience

Creating a seamless experience for the retailer's customers across the entire customer journey

Perfect Stock Mix

Using up-to-the-minute sales data and analytics to create the perfect stock mix, that rapidly increases sales by hundreds of percent like for like


A single integration to both retailer and brand that gives full visibility across the entire process


Increasing the size, depth and relevance of the stock package

Customer Promise

Enabling the brands to seamlessly match the retailers current customer promise


Eliminating inaccuracies in the buying process and missed sales

Customer Retention

Increasing conversion, customer retention and loyalty

Connecting brands and retailers systems to create an efficient and profitable revenue share model

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  • Anatwine deepens strategic partnership with Zalando

    Following ongoing recognition of Anatwine's technological potential in multiple successful collaborations with leading global brands and retailers, Zalando decided to increase its stake in Anatwine further. After Zalando first participated in two of our funding rounds in 2015 and 2016 the Berlin-based fashion e-commerce platform has now taken over all shares held by other non-management investors. Entering this close strategic partnership is a crucial next step in the development of...

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  • 3 Ways the Retail Industry Has Changed Since the Introduction of Anatwine

    Anatwine is a leading retail technology company who specialise in the fashion industry. In today’s omni-channel environment, it is important to look at the ways in which the globe’s dominant retailers are approaching online retail. The majority of retailers know how to integrate their offline and online businesses, and now know how to translate their brand’s values in their online platform. However, knowing how to connect retailers to brands in...

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  • 5 Reasons Why Anatwine Was Founded

    The new retail technology venture, Anatwine, was founded after Chris Griffin saw a clear gap in the market when it came to online retailers connecting their systems to suppliers - as well as a chance to improve overall customer experience. Here are five reasons as to why Anatwine was founded. The current online retailer model is flawed. Over the last decade, the retail fashion business has had a major makeover,...

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  • Anatwine Sees Huge Successes Since Pairing With Online Retailer

    Since Anatwine paired with German online retailer Zalando, $12 million has been raised back to our technological innovation in the online fashion, apparel and sportswear environment. In 2015, Zalando acquired 20% of Anatwine, and we have provided customised software to help the online fashion retailer by integrating their process, systems and stock files with retailers they source products from. This meant that their sales and efficiency were maximised. Whilst we...

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